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About Foxwood

Foxwood is slightly hidden behind a pine thicket about 4  miles outside of Gordo, Alabama.  When the night falls  and our string lights twinkle, our quaint hiding place  becomes visible, peaking the interest of all who pass by.

Our barn offers a grand hall, with beautiful pine beams  and large sliding barn doors on either side. 


Step through our sliding barn doors to our beautiful  courtyard complete with a cozy fireplace and twinkling  cafe lights hanging over the flagstone. 


For our lovely brides, we have the most magical place you have  ever seen.  Our bridal cottage is so perfect that you might never want to leave. With a shabby chic exterior and a Victorian styled  interior, you might spend most of the day taking pictures rather    than getting ready.  

Ponderosa Photos and Prints
Noah Hinton Photography
The Small Details

Our uniqueness is what sets Foxwood apart from other venues. We have so many personal touches throughout the property  including a our mounts  from Jackson Hole, Wyoming featuring a kudu, a moose and a buffalo.  


You can settle in on our outdoor couches close  to the silo bar and enjoy the entertainment or  gaze at the stars. Do not forget to walk over to  our old Ford waterfall. It is truly one of a kind.  Foxwood is truly a remarkable place and we have put our heart and soul into every tiny detail to make it equally as special for you. We hope you love it at much as we do.    

The Foxwood Family

A pipe dream that became a reality.  That is the best was to describe what Foxwood is. This reality began with Kim, Brent and Chelsey.  Our goal with Foxwood was to create a wonderful place where only the best of times could be celebrated.  Since 2016 we have added three new members to our crew - Cameron, Hannah and Baby Rushton.  Foxwood has become a second home to us and a place where we celebrate our grandest life moments as well. We have had our own family baby showers, birthday parties, holidays and just recently our own wedding!  I do not think this place would be as special as it is if it were not for everyone of these people.  

The Foxwood family is delighted to share our special place with you. We would love to host your event and be apart of your life  long memories.  

Kim Sanders   

Owner &Property Designer

Chelsey Sanders Event Coordinator & Social Media Manager

Brent Sanders      Business Manager 

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