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13 Creative Wedding Exits

The Grand Exit

Studies show that the typical adult will go to approximately 19 weddings when they are between the ages 25-35.   Nineteen weddings in 10 years! Dang, that is a lot of cake.  Many brides strive for their wedding to be perfect while some desire for the day to be different.  There is no wrong answer, as long as the wedding is what you want.  But, for a bride that wants it to be a little different, it can be hard finding places to add personality when the typical wedding day has so many traditions.  Your wedding planner will be a good person to get suggestions or ideas from, but of course, you could check out Fox Tales.  I have found one solid place to add a splash of the couple’s personality- the newlywed couple’s exit! 

The Exit is the part of the night that is a lot of fun and often makes for the best pictures.  I rounded the most creative wedding exits and also added a few fun songs to go with it.  You will have your foxy guest wanting to hit the dance floor even after you leave with this list!

Glow sticks – “I’ve Got a Feeling” -Black Eyed Peas

Bubbles- “What I Like About You” -The Romantics

Paper Airplanes (Guest can make this at a paper airplane station) –“Love on Top”- Beyoncé

Lavender filled paper cones (these can also double as ceremony pew decorations)- “Best Day of My Life”- American Authors

Silly String- “Forever”- Chris Brown.  (Just watch Jim and Pam from The Office’s wedding and you will understand.)

Ribbon Wands- “Don’t You Forget About Me” - Simple Minds (If the groom does the fist pump....bonus points)

Sparklers – “Walking On Sunshine” – Katrina & The Waves

Beach Balls- “I’ll Be There for You”- The Rembrandts

Sky Lanterns- “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”- Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell

Wildflowers- “Home”- Phillip Phillips

Butterflies (Be sure to check the weather. They will die) - “I’m a Believer”- The Monkees

Glitter/ sequins- “We Found Love” -Rihanna

Confetti Poppers- “You Are the Best Thing” -Ray LaMontagne

Obviously there are a million different other things you could do, but hopefully, this list will help get your creative juices flowing.  The wedding exit can be as fun, romantic or sweet as you want it to be.  Any of the ideas listed above can fit whatever style you aspire for your wedding.  Just remember, this is the last moment of your long awaited wedding day so be sure to end it with a bang......hmmmmm, fireworks maybe?

Stay cool, fools


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