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Burying the Bourbon- A Southern Tradition

In the South, we are chalked full of old wives tales and strange traditions. Have you ever noticed the ceiling of a porch painted blue? Well, if you see one, the owner has painted it that way to keep the haints away. This wives tale is so popular that there is even a color named Haint Blue. Not all Southern wives tales involve keeping evil spirits away. One of our favorites, which is a Southern wedding tradition, is to bury a bottle of bourbon to keep the rain away. What? Keep the rain away, you say? Yep. You heard me. Burying a bottle of bourbon has been known to ward off rain on your big day. So here is what you do....

Buy a bottle of bourbon. It does not matter what brand or size, it just has to be full and unopened.

Talk to your venue about how the best way to make this happen. As the tale goes, it needs to be close to the place where you will stand for your ceremony, but I am sure Mother Nature will appreciate the effort even if it is not possible to have it close to the ceremony spot.

You must bury the bottle thirty days before your wedding and as close to the time of your wedding as possible. The bottle is buried upside down. After your rain free wedding you and your now husband/wife will dig up the bottle and toast to your perfect wedding and the beginning of your life together.

And if it does end up raining, you can just finish the bottle and then you will not even care that it is raining.

Our bride and groom at Foxwood this weekend, buried their whiskey on October 10th. This will be our second couple to have buried the bourbon. So far the forecast looks rain free so this tale might soon be proven true. (Currently knocking on all of the wood I can find).


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