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Bucking Tradition- A Brunch Wedding

Come on now, is there one person out there who can honestly say that brunch is not their favorite part of the weekend? So why can you not incorporate it into your wedding day?  Well, I am here to tell you that you can.  I have spoken to a few brides and wedding guests to get their take on bucking the evening wedding time tradition and having a beautiful brunch morning wedding.  

A six o'clock wedding is typically what most couples do, varying slightly with rental slots, time of year and weather.  If you are a bride that wants to not be basic and is trying to think of something to set you apart from the other eight wedding happening this season, a Brunch Bash is the answer for you.  

Hannah was a guest for a brunch wedding.  Here are her thoughts: "I was invited to a good friend's wedding and when I received the invitation, I thought there was a misprint.  Ceremony at 10 am. What? Excuse me? Me thinking that it was a typo, I immediately got second-hand embarrassment for the bride.  Come to find out, it was not a typo, I had been invited to my first brunch wedding.  My doubt completely went away as soon as I stepped into the chapel and saw the coffee cart and mini doughnut appetizers. The ceremony was so sweet and perfect and the reception was complete with bottomless mimosas and a Bloody Mary Bar.  It was the best food and the most fun I have had at a wedding.  And by the time I got home, I still had the rest of my Saturday left. "

I met up with newlywed Sara Beth to talk to her about her Fall brunch wedding.  

"I was dead set on having a beautiful fall wedding, but I am also a very realistic person and knew that was going to put a damper on most of the guests' football watching.  I also knew that I would not be ok with everyone hovering by a TV while I was alone having the time of my life on the dance floor. I knew that the only way to have a wedding on game day and also please most of our guest was to have an early wedding.  I spoke to my wedding planner about this and she said....brunch?  This was perfect! We had a blast and even got to leave for our honeymoon later that afternoon.  I would not have wanted my wedding any other way!"

So how do I pull this off, you might ask?  We have created a sample wedding day timeline for you. Here is how your day could go:

6am- Bride begin hair and makeup

7am- Bridal party begin hair and makeup (now if you have a lot of bridesmaids, you might want to let them do their own makeup or give them the option.  If you want them all to have hair and makeup done, then they need to arrive earlier)

8:30am - begin rounding everyone up and heading over to the ceremony spot.  (Make sure that you have an awesome MOH or coordinator to get everyone in gear so that you do not have to worry about anyone but yourself)

9-9:45- Picutres

10am-Ceremony begins

11am- Reception begins.  You might want to have appetizers, coffee and drink ready when the guest start arriving.

1:30- Depart

Sara Beth said that she had a fun jazz band playing during the reception and they were definitely a crowd pleaser.  It is a challenge to get everyone up and dancing at 11 am so be sure to have some good music and someone that will encourage the guests to loosen up.   

You can't have a brunch wedding without brunch, now can you? Check out our menu ideas to really get excited. *A side note for legal purposes....Foxwood does not sell or provide any alcoholic beverages. And also, coffee and HOT chocolate will be hot, so if you spill it on yourself, it will burn or hurt a little. This is just a suggestion menu.

The menu possibilities for a brunch reception are endless, but here are some ideas to get you excited. 


Bottomless Mimosas

Bloody Mary Bar

Spiked Strawberry Lemonade

Hot Chocolate

Coffee Bar

Peach Prosecco

Cranberry Bellini


Biscuit Bar

Carving station

Cinnamon roll selection (blueberry, orange, cinnamon, maple)

Southern fried green tomatoes



Mini muffins


Rosemary potatoes

New Orleans beignets (ok so these were only on my mind because I am currently watching the Bachelor)

See, doesn't this wedding sound so much fun?! If you are wanting to do something different on your wedding day then just go for it! Don't think that you have to follow some guideline or rule book.  This is your day and you only get one.  And maybe, just maybe, you can make it through the day without crazy Aunt Nellie asking you when are you going to have a baby.  Aunt Nellie, just stop.  

Until next time....

Stay cool, fools, 



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