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2019 Wedding Trends


2019 wedding are beginning to be planned! This gives us an inside look at what is in store for next year trends.

1. Greenery. So many brides are loving the greenery trend. We heard many of them planning on covering their farmhouse tables with eucalyptus, swooning for the lamb’s ear in the bridal bouquet, using moss inside lanterns. Mixing these with some gold candle sticks and small votive really make a for a beautiful look.

Florals by Southern Charm
Photo by Eric and Jamie Photography

2. Deeper colors. 2018 was the year of soft hues. 2019 seems to be full of deep blues, wine red and purples

3. Hanging florals. Blame it on Kim K, but full steam roses hanging from a focal point is desired for 2019 brides. If this is too costly for people who are not multi-millionaires, greenery balls with florals is such a good alternative

4. Simple wedding cakes with live florals on it. So long are the outrageous, topsy turvy, over the top cakes. We also will be seeing less and less naked cakes. Next year will be the year of simple cakes with buttercream frosting instead of fondant and live flowers to dress it up.

5. Unplugged weddings. We have had so many photographers tell us that it completely ruins the brides photos of her walking down the isle when you have 20 cell phones in the photo as well. The best way to eliminate this is to have a unplugged ceremony. If you are a bride wanting to do this, list it in the program or have it written on a sign where all guest can see it.

6. Videographers with drones. Your wedding videos are going to be epic! Drone can get a different view than humans can which will allow you to have some really awesome footage of your wedding.

7. Cathedral length veils and no embellishment dresses. Blame it on the royal wedding, but after Princess Kate got married, we followed her trend for two to three years after. I expect the same for Duchess of Sussex bateau neckline, a line cinched waist. Also expect more tiaras

8. Along the same lines with us wanting to be like Megan Markle, expect more reception dress changes.

9. Shorter engagements. With venues offering more packages (cough, cough Foxwood) it is really making the wedding planning pretty seamless. For example, with Foxwood, you have the option to find your venue, getting ready space, food, florals, table and chairs all in one fell swoop. There are a few more major vendors you need to settle on after you book with us, but there is no more need to meet with 10 different caters and interview 4 different florist. With venues like us saving you so much time and guess work, there really is no need for a year long engagement, unless you want to. Also long as you can book the photographer you want and get your dress in time, you can plan a beautiful wedding in 4 months , easy.

10. Naked tables. Remember the naked cake trend. Well now it is naked tables. With people really wanting the rustic glam, brides are pinning over the wooden farm house tables and really glamming them up with vintage china, gold candle sticks, metallic chargers and mix matched glassware.

11. Sweetheart table. Since more couples are paying for their wedding themselves, more and more of them are deciding that they are going to sit down and enjoy the food at their wedding. A sweetheart table will be set up special for just the bride and groom so they can enjoy their meal and hopefully will not have too many people come up demanding their attention. The sweetheart table is pretty much like a huge caution light to guest, letting them know that the couple need a few moments to themselves without a camera shoved in their face.

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