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13 Wedding Favors Your Guest Will Flip Over

OK foxes, do something for me, will you? Go in your pantry or your closet and count how many wedding coozies you have? Ready. Set. Go!




So, I just got back from counting mine... 23! That is not counting the doubles and triples I ended up with. While yes, I do love a good coozie and I keep them all, doesn't this make you want to think outside the box a little? We did coozies as our wedding guest favor and I can admit how basic it was.  It took no thought or planning. No creativity whatsoever.  If you are dead set on the coozie favor, no judgement here, I will probably end up snagging a few and keeping them for game-days and/or cookouts.  But, for brides who want to buck the tradition that millennials before you created, I have made an exceptional list for you. (We even included cute gift tag quotes to add)

  • MoonPies    "We think you hung the moon!"

  • Horseshoe    "Bit of luck from us to you"

  • Golf balls or Golf tees   "Thanks fore coming"

  • Jars of honey  "Meant to Bee"

  • Coffee mug or bag of coffee  "Love is brewing"

  • Seed packets  "Let love grow"

  • Doughnuts in to-go boxes  "Donut forget us"

  • Giant chocolate chip cookie  "A midnight snack from the bride and groom"   

  • Hot chocolate in a jar  "We are loco for you and coco!"

  • Smores kit     "We love you smore"

  • Homemade salsa "Thanks for spicing up our night"

  • Take home BBQ sauce "Don't get too deep in the sauce"

  • Popcorn bundles  "Thanks for popping by!"

These ideas are not limited to just weddings.  They would be cute bridesmaids gifts, birthday party favors, or even gifts for grandparents when you have no clue what to get them for their birthday.  Guest will leave the reception not only raving about how much fun they have and how perfect y'all looked, they will also be talking about how thoughtful and creative your fabulous favors were.  Don't worry, I will make sure to tell your nosy Aunt Nellie that it was all your idea. Until next time...

Stay cool, fools, 



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